Men's Fashion

With the new year comes new year's resolutions. While it may be a bit hard to stick to those promises (diets, saving, being an all-around positive person), it will be easier to join in on 2021’s fashion trends. This past year was tough on the fashion industry as many retailers and fashion houses experienced shutdowns due to the global pandemic. However, this setback did not slow down or stop the growth of fashion trends.

This past year was big for leather and an even bigger year for streetwear. We even got to see the birth of comfy, athleisure collections right from our own homes. As the year is fading out and a new one will be making its way in, more trends will continue to emerge while others will dim their lights. 2021 will be a fresh start for us all, which means that we see new styles come to light that will have us all gasping for what's next.